In Chen Xiang’s memory, Mozu and Xuanzu were the strongest in the big live betting Yitian back then, but after being merged into Tiangu Purgatory, they must be just little shrimps. Even after the Great Different Heaven was merged into the Tiangu Purgatory, the Demon Ancestor and Xuanzu could still control the entire Great Different Heaven, so it is impossible to compare with the Three Saints? The Three Sacred Sects are Time Heaven and Man and Time Cultivator Poker. These three once dominated the ancient purgatory and disrupted the time and space of many baccarat universes. But now it seems that the Demon Ancestor and Xuanzu seem to be stronger than the Three Sacred Sects. Chen Xiang also thought of a possibility now, that is, after the birth of the Absolute Beginning Heaven and Earth, everyone was at the same starting point. After the Three Saints cannot control time, they are far inferior to other Pragmatic play forces in all aspects. And the reason why the Demon Ancestor Roulette and Xuanzu have such a powerful force now is most likely the Great Different Heaven they controlled at the beginning. Dayitian is a very huge universe, which contains multiple time and space, and is fused with Xiaoyitian. If they can be completely controlled by them and protected, and they are always located in the starry sky, then it is indeed their strong heritage. Seeing that Chen Xiang was deep in thought, and his face became more and more serious, Shen Ningyi seemed to guess that Chen Xiang knew something about the Starry Sky Force. “Brother!” Shen Ningyi called out softly, “What’s the matter?” Chen Xiang shook his head and said, “I just have a rough idea of ​​who the starry sky forces are, but I’m not sure yet. And there are still many questions betting Bother me!” Shen Ningyi hurriedly asked: “Who is the Nairabet Star Force?” Betting Shen Xiang hesitated, and said: “Have you heard of Xuan Zu and Demon Ancestor?” Shen Ningyi frowned slightly, She seemed to have heard of it, and then tried to remember, and after a while, she nodded and said: “I

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