Granny An was not very optimistic about Chen Xiang before, but now her opinion of Chen Xiang has undergone such a big rumble change, mainly because she saw the world-defying god man city furnace. Granny An could tell that Chen Xiang didn’t know about the fact that the World-Defying God Stove could make the Flame BetWinner mild, so she had a guess, that this pill furnace had been influenced by Chen Xiang unknowingly for many years, so the pill furnace It can affect Huoyan’s character by itself. This means that Chen Xiang’s alchemy technique is very superb, not only alchemy, but also affect the alchemy furnace. In fact, Granny An’s guess is almost inseparable, and the Aoshi Shenfu was indeed deeply influenced by Chen Xiang. Chen Xiang’s alchemy always uses the art of heavenly refining, and Aoshi Shenlu is affected by this, and he has mastered a little bit of the art of heavenly refining without knowing it, including fire control. Chen Xiang didn’t start right away, but went to investigate and study the three divine fruits first. He didn’t know the name, and he didn’t understand it, but sister Xiaojing did. Granny An was about to tell Chen Xiang the characteristics of these divine fruits, but she heard Chen Xiang say: “These two black and white divine fruits, the black one is very cold and cloudy, the white one is masculine and hot… and once they are burned by flames, their The attributes will be reversed. The white ones will turn black, and the black ones will become white. The transparent magic fruit can turn black and white two magic fruits into gold…” Granny An was shocked when she heard that, even though Slot Games is one of those who learn Leap, who has been a young alchemist for a while, has just come into contact with these three divine fruits, and he can’t figure out the functions of the three divine fruits by himself in a short time. And Chen Xiang can tell it just by getting started, which shows that he really has a lot of experience in this area. Seeing Granny An’s surprised look, Niu Chao also exclaimed

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