The sudden and huge changes in the ancient star of Liudao Tian also made many stars feel panic, or excitement and excitement. Some star people panic because they fear that this humanoid star will bring disaster. The excited and excited star people are even more convinced that there is a star queen there, and they all very much hope to snatch the queen and give them a powerful group. Chen Xiang continued to contact Qingxing, but he still couldn’t get in touch. He is really anxious now, because Liudaotian ancient star Slot Games and Qingxing are both very important to him. Especially Qingxing, that is his man, if something goes wrong, he will not forgive himself. Chen Xiang now understands that this galaxy is a gathering place for all kinds of stars, and there must be a force that gathers them here. Because Qingxing was inside the ancient star of Liu Dao Tian, ​​after being sensed by that force, the entire ancient star of Liu Dao Tian was moved here. It is recommended that Yeguo Reading and Chasing Books is really easy to use. Download rumble here and give it a try. For the ancient star of Liudao, this place is not good, because the stars here are too complicated, and the ancient star of Liudao is so bright, especially now there is a queen of stars in it! Chen Xiang was very anxious, he could only watch as Pragmatic Play had no way to deal with it, it was an incomparably huge change in the stars, Chen Xiang’s strength simply couldn’t intervene. With the strength of the ancient star Liu Dao Tian, ​​no one can intervene! “That group of things have all sorts of nasty thoughts about Qingxing! They call Endorphina what star queen, but they want Qingxing to be their breeding slave girl.” BetWinner Chen Xiang was very annoyed, if Liu Dao Tian Gu Xing stays here, sunny

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