In the silent valley, there was a dead silence. Ibrahimovic didn’t understand what happened. Although Marvin roughly told him the story found in the seventh tower Betway, he still hadn’t figured out what happened in the secret garden. Of course, he himself is not interested in this matter. Marvin stared at the Mana Wraith coldly. In fact, when the two parties were in contact with each other before, Marvin consciously used the words of Mana Wraith. At that time, he asked Mana Wraith whether the Potion King’s illusion had reached the level of Purgatory Nightmare, Mana Wraith obviously hesitated for a while, and then gave an ambiguous answer. It was this answer that revealed his identity. Although Marvin didn’t know who he was at the time, he was almost certain that this guy was definitely not the resentment of a wizard learning NetEnt apprentice man city Eric! Purgatory Nightmare is a very rare creature, even the lords of the Nine Hells may not have seen this kind of creature. Their existence is probably as rare as fate elves and eternal time dragons. The average wizard has no idea of ​​this creature! Even in the knowledge system of the Mikenzi school, this is a very remote knowledge. Only the top wizards have the possibility to know the existence of the nightmare of hell. However, although Mana Grudge 1xBet Soul did not give a clear answer, his expression and reaction revealed that he knew about the nightmare of hell. It is impossible for a wizard apprentice champions league to know this. At that time, Ma Nairabetwen had doubts about the Slot Games Mana Wraith. Later, he got Olikai’s diary in the wizard tower, and he had a vague guess: after the war, it turned out that Eric was not the only one who survived. . that longing for eternal life

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