The temple of heaven and man is also protected by many powerful star cores. With this basic guarantee, it can deal with many emergencies. With the advantage of so many star cores, it is not a problem to want to do something to the stars. So Chen Xiang and Xiao Jing’s younger sister had to find out what actions the Celestial Temple would do. If the Celestial Temple attacked the stars and successfully obtained the power of Pragmatic Play stars, then Chen Xiang and the others had to be prepared to deal with it. “Brother, what do you think the Protoss tribe will do? To be honest, I am more worried about the Protoss tribe, not the Man City and the Temple of Time.” Sister Xiaojing said. Paripesa: “I don’t know… The Star Spirit Race is indeed worth paying attention to, but we don’t know where they are at all!” Chen Xiang stood on the Six Paths Mirror, looking at the endless void of the Flame Territory, the Star Spirit Race There are quite a few protoss, but they are all well hidden, and it is very difficult to find them. “The Protoss know the stars very well. In the Era of Star Change, they will definitely be able to get a lot of help through the stars through Spinmatic.” Sister Xiaojing said: “This is also their advantage. I am afraid that they will rise up at that time.” , and then come over to attack the flashscore Tianguxing, so we have to guard against them!” Chen Xiang smiled and said: “I don’t think we need to worry about them coming to Tianguxing to make trouble, their character is like that, they have always been so cowardly. Just I’m afraid they will mess around with the stars and come up with all kinds of scary things!” Recommended, Yeguo Reading and Chasing Books is really useful, download it here and try it out. The Protoss clan is not too aggressive and aggressive, but their ability to transform stars is top-notch la liga. Both Chen Xiang and sister Xiaojing have seen the real madrid star core heart,

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