Author: Silent Little Thief:,,, Evolution game,,,,,,, the fastest update! Before Chen Xiang went to look for Lingxu, he ran to the Aoshi Temple to look for Huang Jintian, and then told Huang Jintian everything he had learned. After hearing this, Huang Jintian was greatly shocked, and then fell into deep thought! “Master, can you figure this out?” Chen Xiang patted Nairabet Huang Jintian who was in a daze, and asked. “There are too many things involved, and with my current strength, I can’t figure it out at all!” Huang Jintian shook his head repeatedly, “Because this is a matter of another time and space, and I have never been in contact with Betting in that time and space, so it is difficult to do it out of thin air. Count that time and space!” “Then do you think Online Casino’s guess is reliable?” Chen Xiang asked, and he only said that a friend told Betking that he didn’t mention anything about Narcissus Ying. Narcissus Ying and Shui Shengxiang, both in the Immortal War Xuanmo Tower during this Parimatch, practiced very hard, trying to stimulate the blood power of the Sportybet in their bodies. They thought that their enemy would be the Hellblood Sky Demon before, but they found out later that their enemy was the Temple of Time. “I think it’s reliable!” Huang Jintian said: “Because when I was calculating the matter of the prison blood demon before, I found that there were many vague directions, but now they are combined, and it is much clearer!” “Then I will go to Lingxu to ask ! Their Star Spirit Clan must know a lot about LiveScore!” Chen Xiang was about to rush over, but was stopped by Huang Jintian. “Don’t go! Let me go…I will tell them that I figured it out!” Huang Jintian said in a deep voice, “This matter is very important. If the protoss wants to hide something, they might kill people Silence, so just let me go!” “That’s even worse!” Chen Xiang also listened to Huang Jin

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