Author of Msports Betking: Silent little thief:,,,,,,,,,, real madrid is the fastest update! “Boy, are you really going to get close to the three overlords of the Flame Domain?” Huang Jintian was also a little worried about Chen Xiang, because Chen Xiang’s current cultivation base is not considered high, and facing the three overlords, he must be far inferior. “No, I just want baccarat to go to that place to see! I didn’t go to fight with them!” Chen Xiang smiled and said: “Master, I have my own plan, so I must ask Betting to go to that holy place!” Huang Jintian Nodding his head, he also knows that the Holy Land is very important, because it is very likely that there are a lot of resources stored in it, which are all reserved for the Prison Blood Celestial Clan. They are bad! “If I find anything, I will contact you as soon as possible!” Chen Xiang said. “Wait, that place is too far away, it’s not easy to contact us!” Huang Jintian hurriedly pulled Chen Xiang back, and said, “Besides, it’s also very difficult for us to get there! We have to find a way to solve this problem Only difficult problems will work!” Chen Xiang thought for a while, and then took out a disk! “This is… the Mirror of the Six Paths? But there is no mirror!” Huang Jintian took a look and said, “It’s pretty good, what’s the use for it?” Space positioning, what Leap!” Chen Xiang said: “You take it to the BGaming space in the inner core of the earth, and put it there!” “It needs to be placed in that place?” Huang Jintian said in surprise. “You have to absorb a strong enough energy to release a strong BetWinner space penetrating power!” Chen Xiang said: “At that time, I will be able to pass through my six

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