If the ancient star Liu Dao got close to the ancient star, there would be a lot of movement. In the entire ancient purgatory, there is no such huge star running around! What’s more, the six-path roulette ancient star is very big, bigger than Tiangu star! “Sister Jing, don’t make trouble! The Ancient Star of Six Paths is a big treasure, if they find out, they will definitely try to attack and occupy it!” Chen Xiang said. Although the Six Paths Ancient Star has its own sports defense, but the ancient great forces, the Temple of Time, and the mysterious Tiangu Star Spirit Race, who knows how strong they are, if they capture the Six Paths Ancient Star, Chen Xiang will not even cry. place to cry! “Brother, don’t forget, I’m the star spirit of the ancient star of the Six Paths!” Sister Xiaojing smiled and said: “As long as I’m here, no one will take the ancient star of the Six Paths away!” “Man city wait for me later!” Let’s talk about it after becoming stronger!” Chen Xiang shook his head, “If the six ancient stars appear, it will definitely cause great turmoil!” Chen Xiang was just about to contact Chen Tianhu, and suddenly sensed a very strong space fluctuation! A huge crack appeared in the sky! When Chen Xiang saw this huge crack, he immediately controlled the Divine Mirror of Six Paths to stay away, because this kind of powerful space fluctuation and such a big space crack meant that the comer was very huge! Chen Xiang could only hide a little away to avoid being affected! What is such a big crack? “Brother, this thing is much bigger than Wanzhou Mountain!” Sister Xiaojing was also surprised, and said, “And the cracks are still tearing and getting bigger!” Long cracks! “Could it be the World Proud Temple?” Chen Xiang ate the baccarat and said in surprise: “There are

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