After Chen Xiang came out, he could see a huge and shocking fiery red cyclone as soon as he raised his head, which was composed of the heavenly power of ancient purgatory! On the stars in Tiangu Purgatory, the sky I saw was fiery red. Although the cyclone was also fiery red, it emitted strong light, and the cyclone was still spinning wildly, so it was extremely shocking! The entire star is shrouded by the cyclone real madrid, one can imagine how huge the cyclone is! “Brother, do you want to turn on the alchemy furnace? Or what?” Sister Xiaojing asked. “No, let’s continue live betting alchemy!” Chen Xiang said: “The catastrophe has not been brewed yet, we still have time to strengthen this pill!” The energy of a star was injected into the Aoshi Shenbet Game Furnace, and then Chen Xiang started to use the Heavenly Alchemy Technique! “Sister Jing, the Mirror of the Six Paths will become bigger!” Chen Xiang said, “Then activate the Six Paths Taiji Formation, as well as the Aoshiyu 22Bet Cosmic Map, and the Aoshi Mountain and River Map!” Full firepower, which is also rare. After the Magic Mirror of Six Paths became very huge, Chen Xiang released the Immortal War Profound Demon Tower again, and the whole tower became extremely huge, straight into the sky, and pierced into the high-altitude Msports weather cyclone! The gigantic mirror of the Six Paths uses Spinmatic to turn the six-way Tai Chi formation, and a Tai Chi picture appears on the mirror surface, spinning rapidly, and then begins to gather and extract the heavenly power in the sky! In the middle of the Divine Mirror of Six Paths is the Sacred Stove of Aoshi, and all the energy gathered by the Sacred Mirror of Six Paths in the champions league is injected into the Sacred Stove of Aoshi! The Xianzhan Xuanmo Pagoda is also extracting the power of the sky at this moment, and then pouring into the Aoshi Divine Furnace through the Six Paths Divine Mirror! The Auspicious Mountains and Rivers Map appeared, a large map covering the stars

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