Guan Shan did know that Shen Tianhu had an eldest son who had been missing for many years, but he didn’t know what happened. And now, he actually met Shen Tianhu’s son just like that! “Are you really the eldest son?” Guan Shan was very surprised, as were the other dozen or so middle-aged people. They all knew that the Patriarch had a son, but they had never seen it before, and they didn’t know his name. “Of course it’s true! You shouldn’t have entered the Tiangu Purgatory with the Shen family, right?” Chen Xiang asked. “We originally belonged to Tiangu Purgatory, but we were taken in by our family master Paripesa! We really didn’t come in from the outside. I heard from the Patriarch before that the Shen family did enter Tiangu Purgatory from outside the Premier League!” Guan Shan hurriedly He nodded and said: “It seems that you are the eldest son, because there are not many people who know the name of the Patriarch!” “My name is Chen Xiang, my father hasn’t mentioned my name to you, has he?” Chen Xiang smiled and said: ” I didn’t expect to find the Shen family like this, it’s really great!” “Master Bet Game, you came in from the outside?” Guan Shan felt happy for the Shen family when he thought of Chen Xiang’s poker ability. “Yes, I’ve been looking for the Shen family for a long time! Forebet” Chen Xiang said: “Now that I finally have news about Daddy, I can rest assured about betting for the time being!” Listed as a forbidden place in ancient times. “The Shen family is now a forbidden place in the sky, and is closely watched by the Casino Slot Time Temple! We are outside all year round, and we rarely go back… We are responsible for walking around and helping the Shen family with some things!” Guan Shan said: “We usually do things. I only go back every few years!” “It seems that the current situation of the Shen family is not good, and being watched by the Temple of Time will have a great impact on live betting.”

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