“How is the strength of the Temple of Time in Tiangu Purgatory? Livescore?” Chen Xiang asked: “Where is the Temple of Time hidden here?” !” Blue Butterfly Roulette said: “Liverpool must have paid a very high price now to open a space door!” They came outside, saw the sky full of black air, and a golden door appeared, and then a few people came out After that, the space gate is closed! “It’s a time monk, and forebet is still the main fighter!” Blue Butterfly said: “Most of the time monks Betking are not main fighters, but they are good at controlling time! These three people are good at both fighting and time control. The Temple of Time is called the Temple of War God!” The fruit of the fruit monster clan is still very important to the Yaohun Nuguo, otherwise the Yaohun Nuguo would not have built a large barrier here. The three Gods of War from the Temple of Time, who were wearing golden armor and looked mighty and powerful, fell from the sky with a golden long knife in their hands, then raised the long knife high, and slashed down at the barrier of the Fruit Monster Race! There was a burst of explosion, and the barrier trembled, sending the three Rumble gods of war into the air! sports betting “They are indeed very strong!” Lan Die said solemnly, “If this continues, they will break the barrier sooner or later!” “The patriarch of the Fruit Monster Clan, please come and talk!” A temple god of war said loudly : “Many monks in my time temple died here, do you know?” “I don’t know!” The patriarch Guo shouted, he would not betray Chen Xiang. Guo Patriarch was also very flustered in his heart, he only felt that BGaming was in serious trouble this time, he didn’t think Chen Xiang could beat the God of War. “Stop pretending!

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