Choice: In fact, long before Marvin came to the death betting domain, he had obtained 50,000 general experience from Mark Evolution game 47. () In addition to the killing experience provided by the pale hand and the monsters in the undersea tunnel, he had nearly 70,000 total experience before setting foot on the land of death. Of course, he had consumed 20,000 forebets when he was learning Extremis Blade Technique. Originally, he thought that he needed to find a special place to get a killing experience, so that he could raise his flashscore again to the level of Night Walker. After all, the night walker at the ninth level needs 144,000 experience points! It’s just that what he didn’t expect was that the difficulty Kang En set for him——the Cold Demon Cave happened to meet this point by mistake. Each cold monster contributed an average of 800 experience points, and Marvin killed a total of 126 cold monsters in the cold monster’s cave! There were 6 waves of cold monsters, and in the last wave, Marvin Msports faced 64 cold monsters chasing and intercepting him, forcing his way out. In this arduous killing process, not only did his desperate knife skills reach the master level, but he also gained more than 100,000 killing Spinmatic experience. It was this experience that Leap was able to elevate Nightwalker to level nine. In this way, he Surebet247 is a legend with an overall rating of 21. In an instant, an option popped up on his data panel: Choose a legendary class: Ranger 9/Night Walker 9 Without a doubt, if he chooses to advance to Legendary now, he can only choose a class between Ranger and Night Walker as his own legendary career. Because the advanced requirements for Master of the Night are: Ranger 8/Night Walker 10. Although Marvin has an advanced manual. but

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