Full text reading Chen Xiang just wanted to go there, but suddenly thunder and lightning bombarded him in all directions. Fortunately, Betking could release the magic mirror of six paths in time to block it! The flashing thunder and lightning came over, and they were all drawn by the Six Paths Taiji Formation released by the Divine Mirror of Six Paths, so none of them landed on Chen Xiang, nor did they hit the light group where Leap Dayaozu was. “Is this your soul? It’s so strong!” Chen Xiang walked over and asked. “I’m shaping the body Parimatch!” Dayaozu said: “Take me away quickly, this space has been explored and someone has come in, and the Time Temple will soon know the roulette!” Chen Xiang immediately got Dayaozu into it The Mirror of the Six Paths, and then return to the double dimension of the Aoshi Universe by the same route. “Finally left that ghost place!” Dayaozu said very excitedly: “Chen Xiang, you took me out of that place so easily! Your space power is really too strong!” Chen Xiang didn’t even think of it, I don’t know Unknowingly, my mastery of space Pragmatic play will become so brilliant. He thinks that it is mainly the result of the fusion of Space Fate and Tianxuan Fate! “Sister Dayaozu, are you sure you don’t want to meet Spinmatic little Yaozu?” Shen Xiang asked. “No!” Big Yaozu said: “If I meet her, I’m worried that I will be persuaded by her Paripesa!” “Persuasion of what?” Chen Xiang asked. “She will persuade me to fit with her, but I don’t want to!” Dayaozu said: “Not everyone is like those two dragon ancestors! rumble” “Are you so sure?” Chen Xiang laughed: “Maybe She won’t?” “I am her, and she is me! So I know she will!” Dayaozu said with certainty. “Okay! What about your two apprentices? I don’t see you either.

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