betting Chen Xiang immediately guessed that it was time for the cultivator to come! “Sister He, be careful, the enemy is very strong!” Chen Xiang directly regarded the other party as an enemy, and when the monks caused so much chaos, he would not give the other party a good face. “I know!” Gong Baihe nodded, she naturally knew it well, because to be able to directly tear apart the space and appear here, she must have mastered transcendental power. After the space fluctuated for a while, it was suddenly torn apart, and then a middle-aged man appeared! Forebet, he was also very surprised when he saw that Chen Xiang was refining alchemy! The middle-aged man was dressed in black, with a handsome appearance and majestic eyes, and his demeanor looked like a high-ranking and powerful person! Chen Xiang and Gong Baihe couldn’t directly judge his strength, they only knew that he must have strong spatial power to come here suddenly! “What’s the situation?” The middle-aged man looked at Chen Xiang and frowned slightly. Chen Xiang used the Illusory Magic Furnace to refine alchemy, and was assisted by the Nine-Treasures Divine Space Formation, so he could intuitively see the very shocking scene of alchemy! “Who are you?” Gong Baihe’s body was full of energy, and his cold and deep voice carried a faint killing momentum. This kind of momentum knew that he would fight at any time. “I’m here to look for you!” Although the middle-aged man was talking to Gong Baihe, he looked at Chen Xiang who was refining alchemy. “What are you looking for me for?” Gong Baihe asked. Shen Roulette was very surprised, he thought that the Premier League monks came to him at this time! “You entered the fourth floor from the fifth floor, but you made a breakthrough on the fourth floor! Such a talent is very rare, I am here to invite you to join us… But you need to complete all the trials before you can pass our assessment !” said the middle-aged man. “Who are you guys? Why should I join

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