Chen Xiang didn’t expect that the disciples of the Tianzu Zongmen were so hard-working these days, and few of them died when they confronted the fierce orcs head-on. He has already left the trial town, and he is going to the crater to find out the specific situation here. “I’m different from them! They just want to get the beast core to enter the next level, and I want to find the hidden things here! Get the powerful affiliate of the premier league from it, so it will be very easy to enter the next level!” Ever since Chen Xiang came into contact with space pearls on the previous floor, he knew that in these floors of the Immortal Forbet Battle Mysterious Demon Tower, there is a powerful creature that grows by itself, and it also possesses special energy! He also found some clues on the third floor, which is the crystallization in the body of the giant beast! “Brother la liga, get a few more giant beast crystals of that kind! Slot Games” Sister Xiaojing said: “Then make a lot of pills, and finally refine multiple condensed pill crystal nuclei into fate, so that you can Cultivation is out of fate!” “It’s too tiring to directly refine giant beast crystals!” Chen Xiang smiled and said: “I’m sure, there is something hidden here, they eat giant beast crystals! Find this first Let’s talk about this kind of guy!” This is why Shen Xiang is now flying towards the crater, he suspects that something like that is hidden near the crater. “Brother, if you want to refine something next time, don’t go to try the small town!” Sister Xiaojing said: “There are too many people watching in that place, and you can’t operate secretly, it is very time-consuming!” “Yes! If you want to refine something Betting, I will release a big pearl oyster, and then hide in it to practice!” Chen Xiang said with a smile: “I can definitely release the pearl oyster, and then control it to float in the air!” When Chen Xiang was on the second floor, he also took it away a lot

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