“By the way, have those two Guiyuan Emperors come back? I don’t know if they have merged! These two guys are not in Dayitian, so how come their Guiyuanmen also participated in the Immortal War Conference?” Chen Xiang almost forgot Guiyuan emperor is respected. It stands to reason that Emperor Guiyuan is far away in the Aoshi Universe, even if they don’t merge into one, they won’t be caught by the time cultivator. “It’s not that chelsa is not in Dayitian, but before they left, they ordered the elders of Guiyuanmen to be in charge of the immortal battle meeting!” Da Lingxue said. “That Huang Yihong, who just left our Yaotian Sect, immediately joined Guiyuan Sect and was sent to participate in the Immortal War Conference!” The big sky demon was very upset, and said: “I suspect that Huang Yihong is also one of the inner ghosts!” Yao There are several inner ghost elders in Tianmen, which led to the destruction of Yao Tianmen! Huang Yihong found his next family so quickly, it is very likely that he followed an elder to seek refuge in Guiyuanmen. Although it was those few emperors who destroyed Yaotianmen, it was also time monk Betting who used Spinmatic and Demon Ancestor to order them behind the scenes. If Da Tianyao and Surebet247 Da Lingxue want revenge, BetWinner has too many enemies, and they can’t beat them all! With their current baccarat strength, they can only kill those inner ghost elders! “Let’s go, let’s go to the meeting place of the Immortal War Conference first!” Chen Xiang said: “We will fight for the territory first!” Chen Xiang does not know what the rules of the Endorphina Dao Immortal War Conference are now, Da Tian Yao and Da Lingxue have also asked Da Tian Long Zu, but Dalong Zu didn’t know, he didn’t plan the Immortal Battle Conference! Chen Xiang is very curious, what exactly is used to determine the division of the territory! There are a lot of territories outside Dayitian, and they will definitely not be used to carve up all of them. Even if those Tianzu don’t send disciples to participate, they can still have a great deal.

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