Chen Xiang also guessed why Yaotian Yulian sports betting was only available in Yaotian Sect, but he didn’t say it out. “That’s right, you need to go through the Yaotian magic to completely grow the Yaotian jade lotus!” Xiaoxue said: “That is to say, Surebet247, the Tiandan Temple can be planted, which means that there are traitors in our Yaotian sect!” “Yaotian sect cultivates Yaotian Are there many disciples of the divine art?” Chen Xiang frowned, in his opinion, the Yaotian divine art should be strictly controlled and would not be passed on to disciples indiscriminately. “There are more than a hundred!” Xiaoxue said: “But they all signed the Oath of the Heavenly Oath. If someone spreads the magical skills or Betway betrays Yaotianmen, they will be destroyed by the Oath of the Heavenly Oath!” “No, no, if there are three ancestors among them One shot! The different sky oath is nothing at all!” Chen Xiang shook his head and said: “I can handle that thing, let alone the third ancestor! It is obvious that the third ancestor intervened in this matter!” “The Heavenly Pill Temple The third ancestor is behind it? But… why did the third ancestor do this? In their eyes, 1xBet disciples in Guixianland are like ants, and they don’t need to pay attention to such things!” Xiaoxue couldn’t understand. “It may be that Yitian has certain rules that prevent them from using powerful power at will!” Chen Xiang Paripesa said Sportybet: “They are still very concerned about returning to the fairyland, and hope that their sect can have more returning to the fairyland disciples, Or more powerful disciples!” “It is really necessary to abide by the rules, otherwise with their strength, they can kill a large number of people casually!” Xiaoxue sighed: “I really didn’t expect that Yaotian Yulian would It was planted by the Heavenly Pill Temple! It will be even more difficult for us Yaotianmen to ask the Heavenly Pill Temple for the immortal pill after rumble!” “I can help you to refine it!” Chen Xiang said

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