Guo Lingxue and Mei Tianyao lowered their heads slightly when they heard what Master said, not daring to look directly at Yaozu. They never mentioned the matter of arrogance to the master, after all, it was a very precious thing Chen Xiang gave them. Now Yaozu found out, after all, Yaozu is their master and knows their practice very well. “You didn’t mention the Daoist Seed to me, is it because Chen Xiang won’t let you talk about it?” Yaozu snorted softly, put his hands on Champions League’s chest, and said very sternly. “No, he just asked us to selectively keep it secret!” Guo Lingxue also answered truthfully. “Why did Chen Xiang give you the Aoshi Dao Seed? This thing is so rare! What is the purpose of him giving it to you so generously? Msports and, what level is your relationship with Chen Xiang?” Yaozu asked in a series of real madrid, because She only realized now that Chen Xiang and her two apprentices are very close. “Master, that guy is lustful but not courageous, even if I want to have that kind of relationship with him, he won’t dare!” Mei Tianyao is always very open about such things. “How do you say? You have taken the initiative?” Yaozu narrowed his eyes slightly, revealing a very stern and fierce look, which made Mei Tianyao shrink back. “Not really, we were plotted against by Xuanzu before… almost fell, it was Chen Xiang who saved us!” Said Mei Tianyao. Afterwards, the two of them told about Xuanzu’s use of the booklet, and also told Yaozu that it was Chen Xiang who erased Xuanzu’s brand in their souls, so that they were freed. Chen Xiang gave Aoshi Roulette a kind of Charming Sky Demon in order to get her help, it was mutual benefit. And BGaming is such a betting for Guo Lingxue, but now they have not finished repaying their kindness, and they are taken away by Yao

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