Mei Tianyao knew that Chen Xiang was an alchemist, but he didn’t know that Chen Xiang could refine so many things through alchemy! Chen Xiang’s playfulness of refining Dao Seed Ancestral Source before was already enough to make Mei Tianyao and Guo Lingxue feel unbelievable, but now Chen Xiang can actually refine the parent source! If Chen Xiang really refines the mother source, then his potential is really huge! From Guo Lingxue’s point of view, Chen Xiang is as powerful as the third ancestor, and even has the possibility of surpassing the third ancestor. After all, Chen Xiang can refine the mother source! If the proud universe has a mother source, it will no longer be afraid of the invasion of aliens. Give Chen Xiang enough time to practice, sooner or later he will become the strongest person in the Aoshi Universe, and as the ancestor of the Aoshi Universe, he will definitely be able to use the power of the Aoshi Universe! Because Guo Lingxue has been with her master Yaozu since she was a child, she can see Chen Xiang very far! Although Mei Tianyao was not as far ahead as she thought, she also knew that LiveScore Chen Xiang had a terrifying potential! Fortunately, she is not Chen Xiang’s enemy now, otherwise she would not know how she died in the future. “Brother Shen, what will happen if Aoshi Universe has a mother source?” Mei Tianyao asked. “I don’t know either! Because Tianxuan asked me to customize this mother source!” Chen Xiang said: “To be honest, I really don’t know the direction of movement of this giant celestial body like Leap. Refining the Premier League, and handing it over to Tianxuan!” Guo Lingxue and Meitian Yao NetEnt looked at the star field core in the distance, where there was a very strong light, and it was also very big, and they hoped to get Tianxuan’s domain spirit answer. “The mother source baccarat is the source of creation power! With the mother source, you can get flashscore endless creation power through the mother source

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