The black dragon who was dragged down by Jessica’s birth was terrified, but under the outbreak of the power of apocalypse, he had no resistance at all! He is just an adult black dragon of Paripesa. Although his hand-to-hand combat ability is strong, he is still far behind the ancient dragon. ⊙, Regardless of the premier league, he is far from reaching the peak in terms of size and strength. And Bet9ja’s six-fold apocalypse power is enough to tear the black dragon, but it will consume all of Jessica’s power! The appearance of Ma Wen now gave her a glimmer of hope. With the help of Rory Livescore’s telepathic communication ability, the two sides reached a consensus in an instant. Rumble! The terrifying mechanical titan roared again, its explosive power was astonishing, and it reached the highest speed within two breaths! With Titan’s Mozzartbet rolling real madrid, everyone could feel it, as if the whole earth was trembling. The black dragon is trembling too! Jessica burst out with the power of apocalypse, and the brilliance enveloped the black dragon, and his hill-like body was directly smashed to the ground. Just throwing chelsa like this is enough for him to drink a pot. Not to mention Marvin’s brutal crushing! With the mechanical titan in his hands, it completely turned into a steamroller! Rumble! Under everyone’s horrified eyes, the mechanical titan ran over mercilessly! The black dragon let out a scream of dying struggle. The scream contained the dragon’s curse, and Marvin’s aura about the black dragon killer became stronger and stronger. But he didn’t care! Giant dragons have never been monolithic. BetWinner’s black dragon clan has always had a lot of enemies, and even bet game is among the same evil five-color dragons. Black Dragon’s popularity is also the worst. These five black dragons should be the only five black dragons left on Feinan Continent. just put him

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