“What the hell!” Chen Xiang was startled and rumbled, and before he had time to dodge, his head was hit by this side of the kung fu. For an Endorphina moment, his soul seemed to be flooded with a very powerful energy, but this feeling soon disappeared. Just now, his fate that turned into the Tianxuan Starfield had a very strong reaction, ejecting that energy, so he was not invaded by that energy into his soul and body! The booklet fell on the ground, Chen Xiang wanted to pick it up, the booklet flew up again, trying to avoid Chen Xiang. “Bet game, don’t run away!” Chen Xiang immediately used his powerful consciousness to control the booklet. I don’t know if it’s because of his fate, this booklet was tamed by him all at once! After his destiny has been transformed into the form of the Tianxuan Starfield, plus he is in the Tianxuan Starfield, it is equivalent to being in his domain, so that booklet is still very afraid of him! Chen Xiang got this booklet! “Magic Heart and Heavenly Soul NetEnt Art!” Chen Xiang frowned, and then looked at Mei Tianyao on the bed. Under her jade-white skin, was there a rippling red current, and on the booklet “Magic Heart and Heavenly Soul Art” said The words livescore are also red, and Betway has been flashing. The flashing frequency of the words on the brochure is the same as the surging frequency of the red electric current in the bodies of Mei Tianyao and affiliate Guo Lingxue! “It’s started again!” Chen Xiang took a breath, the current in Mei Tianyao’s and Guo Lingxue’s bodies had decreased just now, but now it seemed to suddenly increase again. He is very sure, it must have a lot to do with this booklet! “Brother, there is something wrong with this booklet!” Sister Xiaojing said to chelsa, “It may be the source of their mistakes in cultivation. You should check it out carefully.

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