Ying Kuang was at a loss when he heard it. When he was cultivating his fate before, he never expected that there would be such a difficult obstacle! Now that I heard it, it is necessary to absorb that ancestral fate to unearth the power within the fate, and to cultivate that fate primordial spirit! “Young master, if you don’t absorb Zuyuan’s fate, can you continue to practice? How can such a Liverpool thing as Zuyuan’s fate be so easy to get?” Ying Kuang sighed, shook his head again and again, and said: “Fate The way of the soul is better than the way of the soul sea, but this road is not so easy!” “According to what I realized before, if you don’t cultivate the soul of fate, you can’t continue to cultivate fate!” Chen Xiang said: “Aying, you need Msports to cross the catastrophe to cultivate the ninth fate in Spinmatic, but you NetEnt forcibly suppressed the catastrophe, Paripesa, so your catastrophe will be stronger Pragmatic play…” “So that’s it, Fortunately, I didn’t continue to practice Leap’s fate, otherwise the catastrophe would be stronger, and I’m afraid I won’t be able to survive it!” Ying Betting smiled bitterly and said: “I can’t get that ancestral fate, so wouldn’t my cultivation base last forever? Standing still? How can this be good!” “There will be a way!” Chen Xiang said: “Actually… Zuyuan’s fate is not that difficult to get! As far as I know, such aliens as Wanzhou Mountain In the universe, there are a large number of ancestral sources of creation, and in the future, ancestral fates will appear one after another!” “Master Betking, I remember you mentioned Sportybet before, and there are several large ones like Wanzhou Mountain. Alien universe, right?” Jiang Wei’s eyes lit up, and he said: “These alien universes can enter the Proud Universe, so we can also go to their universe!” “Of course! Maybe we don’t need to go to their universe … If the world is proud of the universe

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