Chen Xiang broke into the creation ancestor source through the Suzaku tenderness thread, and then extracted the internal energy from it! “It’s so strange, that thing is actually sleeping so hard, what’s going on?” Chen Xiang was very puzzled by this. The sage who created the Tao could also see the motionless poisonous toad through the mirror of the Six Paths Mirror. The big Endorphina tube that Suzaku turned into tenderly pierced directly into the inside of the poisonous toad, already frantically extracting the energy from the poisonous toad’s body, but it didn’t make the poisonous toad move at all! “I suspect that the Slot Games consciousness of this thing has been sealed, or… if the ancestral source of creation has not been destroyed, it will be difficult to wake up its consciousness!” Guessed the Daoist sage. “No matter what, it’s a good thing for us!” Chen Xiang smiled and said, “I just don’t know if the source of Nairabet’s name in Yitian will be aware of it!” The Taoist sage shook his head, and he also Not sure. “Senior, do you think we are going to see those very huge creation ancestors Sportybet?” Chen Xiang’s face suddenly became a little dignified, and said: “The huge creation ancestors, such things that are bred inside say It may be that it is about to break its shell and bet out of Betway… It is a great threat to Aoshi Universe!” “It is indeed a great threat, but fortunately it has been sealed, and the growth rate of the creation ancestor has also been slowed down. “The Daoist Sage said: “When Betking gets rid of this poisonous toad, I will take you to find a bigger one!” “Okay!” Chen Xiang nodded. “By the way, Xiao Shen, where do you store these poisonous things after you extract them?” asked the Taoist sage. “Senior, don’t worry, I can purify these things!” Chen Xiang said with a smile: “And I also plan to study this poison to see if it can be added

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