“The Temple of Hundred Flowers and the Temple of Aoshi have been sealed!” Guan Yiyue said: “Wanzhou Mountain used the most powerful force, and it should also use the power of Betting to seal the Temple of Hundred Flowers and the Temple of Aoshi in two star fields respectively. Internally, Wanzhou Mountain was seriously hurt by Yuan Livescore, so it didn’t come to our Tiankun Starfield for the time being!” The Baihua Temple and the Aoshi Temple were actually sealed, but fortunately they were all sealed inside the star field, which means It is still very free in the star field! “I’ll help them, it’s just sealed in those star fields of Parimatch!” Chen Xiang said, “It’s not difficult to help them get out of trouble!” “Xiao Xiang, you’re wrong! A kind of ability can turn the star field of our proud universe into some kind of star evil field! After turning into the star evil field, there will be a large number of the most ferocious creatures from the four great heavens…” Guan Yiyue sighed: “The two The star field where the temple is located is now in the process of becoming the Endorphina, and it is difficult to stop it!” “Xiao Xiang, I’m sorry… roulette, I really can’t do anything! I can’t help them!” Guan Yiyue said to This is also very guilty, she also knows that there are very important friends of Chen Xiang in the Real Madrid of the Hundred Flowers Temple and the Forebet of the Aoshi Temple. When Chen Xiang heard the news, he was also shocked! “Aniang, I won’t go back to the Tiankun Starfield yet!” Chen Xiang said, “I’ll go and have a look outside their starfield!” “Okay, you have to be careful!” Guan Yiyue warned: “During this period of time , because you are not in Aoshi Universe, Fate Soul Palace and Six Soul Palace, Evolution game and Wanzhou Mountain are relatively quiet, and they also baccarat need time to grow, I learned that they are studying how to transfer to the way of fate!” ” sooner or later i will let

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