Novel: ,,,,,,,,, Queen Xuntian wants to fight Ying Kuang, if she stops, Guo Lingxue will threaten her sister. Queen Tianyue wanted to hurry up and catch Chen Xiang, and destroy Chen Xiang before the demon soul Queen Mozzartbet arrived, lest Chen Xiang would talk nonsense when the time came. The Yitian people want to take down Chen Xiang as soon as possible, because they can all see that Ying Kuang, who is very powerful in Paripesa, is Chen Xiang’s entourage. If he wins the real madrid Chen Xiang, it means that Ying Kuang will also be taken down . Chen Xiang and Ying Kuang knew Yitianren very well, so Yitianren also wanted to kill Chen Xiang and the others so as not to be destroyed by them. Yaotianyue City is now in a mess. People in the city can only stay away from the fighting area, so as not to be affected. After all, the fighting people are very strong, and they are all at the queen level. If they are affected, the Slot Games will be huge. You could be seriously injured, or even killed! “When the empress arrives, you will be finished!” Guo Lingxue was very sure that after the demon soul empress man city arrived, she would definitely kill Chen Xiang. She thinks that she is very important to the queen, even if Chen Xiang is really the queen’s friend, he is still a man! Guo Lingxue felt that the Queen of the Demon Soul Nation would definitely give priority to favoring her own saintesses instead of men! She knew that Chen Xiang could make alchemy, so she thought that Chen Xiang and the Demon Soul Queen might just cooperate for interests, and it was not particularly important to the Demon Soul Queen! “Quickly arrange people to open the barrier and let the queen come in!” Queen Tianyue suddenly shouted. Guo Lingxue looked around, and then said: “You don’t need poker, the queen must have a way to come in!” Everyone who was fighting on the scene could feel the domineering and smart power of the demon soul queen in livescore.

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