The second volume of roulette before the cataclysm As soon as this remark was made, Lei Mo knew that he had made a slip of the tongue. ∷∷, Gwen looked into his eyes, full of murderous intent: “Do you know his purpose?” Suddenly someone in the tarantula mercenary group sneered, “So what if we know Lord Skye’s purpose?” We have so many people, plus Lord Skye who may appear at any time, do you think you can still leave from Saruha?” “That’s right, you don’t know when you are about to die, you offended a legendary figure, do you still want to leave alive ?” Most of the people who appeared near the steel gate were the elites of tarantulas, and a few were external experts. A Mozzartbet legend, especially the legendary Surebet247 Assassin, is still a great deterrent to his Leaps. Standing there at this time, they don’t need to think at all. In Marvin’s peripheral vision, several impulsive adventurers had drawn their weapons, as if they were about to take down Endorphina with Parimatch! Although Lei Mo didn’t say anything, his eyes gradually became sharper. No matter how strong Gwen is, he has just stepped into the fourth level. There are many people on his side, and there are many masters. If you can win him, you can get the friendship of a legendary figure, this is a profitable business! There was a rare look of angry rumble on Gervin’s face. In Ma Wen’s impression, this blood clan was well-bred, almost a saint in the Ming Dynasty. But in this case, he finally couldn’t control his emotions. He seemed ready to kill. And Marvin knows real madrid, Gervin is definitely capable of doing this! The elite powerhouse of the blood Ming party is so close to Grand Duke William, although the rank is not high. But there must be a strong

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