“Some things have already happened, let it pass!” Chen Xiang said: “Brother Wolf, this world is changing too fast, and you have also experienced a lot of suffering, so there is no need to blame yourself!” “Brother Shen, I first Run for my life… I’m being hunted down! I just found out that that dead old woman casino Slot has created another pill, which makes people suddenly stronger, so I’m going to tell you about Slot Games!” said the Golden Wolf King . “You were hunted down?” Chen Xiang frowned and said, “Brother Wolf, I’m going to find you right away!” “No need! I can’t cause trouble for Brother Chen, and that LiveScore guy is very dangerous, so I can’t harm you!” After the Golden Wolf King finished speaking, he disconnected. Chen Xiang took the communication talisman and stuck it on the Mirror of Six Paths, and asked: “Sister Jing, can you roughly locate the Golden Wolf King?” “Well, I have been tracking him just now, and I have locked his position!” Sister Xiaojing said. “Then let’s go and help him Nairabet! Affiliate” Chen Xiang didn’t blame the Golden Wolf King. Back then, the Golden Wolf King also planned to sacrifice a lot to protect Sheng Xuanxing. From Chen Xiang’s point of view, he was very upright! Moreover, the changes in the Aoshi universe were not predictable by the Golden Wolf King at all. Even though he had strong strength at the time, the speed at which he improved his strength could not keep up with the speed of changes in the universe, so now he is also down! After locking the location of the Golden Wolf King, the Magic Mirror of Six Paths immediately took Chen Xiang to make a space jump! Because the distance is relatively long, it is necessary to forebet multiple space jumps! After a total of more than a hundred space jumps, Shen Man City took out the communication talisman to contact the Golden Wolf King, chatted casually with him, and then asked Xiao Jing’s sister to lock his exact position again! After the lock, the Six Gods

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