Fiction: ,,,,,,,,, what Chen Xiang has to do next is to find the source of the creation force and figure out the situation of this source! He suddenly realized so much just now, it is very likely that 1xBet is the source of creation force sending messages to chelsa! Then his ultimate goal is to transfer the source of creation power to the world-defying universe. He still doesn’t know how BGaming will do it. We can only find the source of the creation force, and maybe there will be an answer when we get there! He guessed that Parimatch only wanted to release the source of creation, and maybe he would connect to the world-defying universe by himself! In other words, what Chen Xiang will have to do at that time is to destroy the seals on the source of suppression of Wanzhou Mountain and Wutian Realm! “Brother, don’t you need a lot of man city’s crystal pearl soul food now?” Sister Xiaojing said, “About how much do you need?” “I don’t know Endorphina, maybe you need more than a dozen warehouses!” Chen Xiang said: “I have to talk to Li Xiangtian when the time comes to see if he has any way to let me swallow more than a dozen warehouses of soul food!” Li Xiangtian must have a way, he is an expert in this field, as long as he is given enough benefits, He can even empty all the warehouses here! “Brother, Li Xiangtian is really capable of doing things. It depends on whether he can rescue Lian’er and the Daoist sage!” Sister Xiaojing said with a smile: “If he does a good job, then he should be rewarded!” “That’s for sure!” Leap Chen Xiang is most worried that Paripesa is Cailian and the Daoist Sage. If Li Xiangtian can successfully rescue them, he is definitely a capable person. Although Xie Wuxin is capable, he can’t perform well in sports betting in a place like Liverpool. Jiang Xiaoshuai’s strength

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