Chen Xiang took out a big bead, which sealed the soul of the Sword God Guard, because he was searched with the soul-absorbing spell, so the Soul of the Sword God Guard was in a chaotic state, he no longer had any sense of autonomy, only a large amount of scattered Chaotic memory! “Ah? You want me to see that woman?” Xie Wuxin looked reluctant, and his eyes were full of hatred. After all, going to the Heavenly Sage Lord this time is equivalent to asking for help. He was abused to the point of death and fed shit before, but now he humbly begs others for help. bet game Chen Xiang handed the bead that sealed the Sword God Guard to Xie Wuxin, then patted him on the shoulder, and comforted him: “Old Xie, flashscore, you have survived such a big humiliation before, your state of mind It must have reached a very high level! So this should not be a big deal to you!” Xie Wuxin cursed a few dirty words secretly in his heart, then took the bead and said: “You want to ask I promise, whether it is the Sword Master or the Heavenly Sage Master, they will not end well in the end!” “I assure you!” Chen Xiang laughed and said, “Old Xie, although you look sissy, NetEnt In my eyes, you are a true man who can bend and stretch!” “Huh betting!” Xie Wuxin was very upset, Chen Xiang always asked him to do this kind of work, but after thinking about it carefully, his heart seemed to be much stronger Sportybet. “You should be able to contact the Heavenly Sage Lord?” Chen Xiang asked. “I’m a thorn in her side, and I hate her so much, so we naturally have a way to get in touch!” Xie Wuxin said: “Now go back to Nairabet Wanzhou Mountain!” Chen Xiang followed Xie Wuxin back to Wanzhou Mountain. Wanzhou Mountain looks like a mountain on the surface, but inside it is

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