Fang Qing was resting, Chen Xiang looked at her for a while, and then walked Paripesa to the outside of the hut, he was really a little scared to be alone in the room with Fang Qing! Because Fang Qing’s method of losing souls and illusions is really terrifying, and he has not yet found a way to restrain it. Especially Fang Qing can make him lose control, this is the most terrifying Premier League! It was hard for him before, and he relied on killing the red dragon to block it. If he hadn’t contacted the red dragon girl in a hurry, he might have lost control of real madrid in the Lost Soul illusion. Although it was Fang Qing who faced Fang Qing after losing control, Chen Xiang still didn’t want her to see his evil side! He meditated quietly outside the door. He had found an idea before, but he was not sure if it would be useful now, so he pondered over it in his mind to see what else needed to be improved. Suddenly, he heard the sound of a bird, and immediately opened his eyes, and indeed saw a black crow on a tree not far away. It looked like a crow, but its sound was very pleasant. Chen Xiang could tell at a glance that this bird was very unusual. When he was about to catch the crow, Fang Qing woke up suddenly, walked out of the hut and came to the door. The crow immediately flew to Fang Qing’s palm. Fang Qing’s eyes suddenly flashed golden light, she was using the Lost Soul Illusion on this crow? Chen Xiang was secretly shocked, he didn’t expect that this lost soul illusion could be used on birds and beasts. Soon, Fang Qing ended the Lost Soul illusion, and the crow flew away. “That crow is specially responsible for collecting information!” Fang Qing frowned slightly, and said, “I was reading urgent information just now, and the lost soul patriarch and the others have sealed off the city!” “That’s for sure! You have so many people suddenly

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