Thinking of this, Henderson couldn’t help feeling elated. Barbara gritted her teeth, ready to fight these people! She is well aware of the madness of the dark party, and if Qiao Qiao falls into their hands, there is probably only one way to perish! She didn’t want to see Jojo turn into a witch queen who only knew how to kill, just like the grand princess who walked out of Tulip Castle back then! However, at this moment, a mocking voice suddenly came from behind them: “The blood clan dark party, it turns out that BGaming bullies women and children.” As soon as Marvin said this, the five people’s eyes immediately focused on him up. Hunter Pokerson frowned, but before he could speak, Marvin had already made the first move! He has already decided to change history, so how could he easily let Henderson take Jojo away from Bet9ja? Ma Wen’s movement was like lightning, his divine agility exploded, and he rushed in front of Henderson in the blink of an eye! Henderson was taken aback. Marvin’s starting speed was almost close to Endorphina’s human limit. In this narrow and cramped space, he had no time to dodge! However, the pursuer had experienced many battles, and when he threw his body behind Leap, he turned into a bat with a whoosh, avoiding Marvin’s cold knife light! However, the rest of the dark blood gangs were far from having the same luck as Henderson. Ma Wen missed with a knife, and a shadow escape came directly behind a dark party. Before that guy could react, his head was directly taken off by Marvin! The scimitar Aoba made a real move for the first time, and the light and thin feel made Marvin want to stop. He didn’t need to use his betting power at all, the thin blade cut off the head of the dark party like cutting tofu! The faces of the remaining three were pale with fright. Marvin Affiliate Speed, End

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