Chen Xiang has become a lot stronger now, but he thinks it is not strong enough, because next, he will most likely face the formidable enemy Yitian Shengxian! He took out the summons sports betting amulet and went to contact Yan Zilian! “How are you getting along with her?” Yu Zilian asked. “It’s okay!” Chen Xiang didn’t say much, because he had promised Cailian that Betking could not reveal too many things in detail to the Liverpool sister Zilian. “That’s good!” Yan Zilian didn’t ask any more questions, she was more concerned about the treasure city of magic medicine, and asked, “Has that city been preserved?” “It has been preserved temporarily, but it is still facing threats!” Shen affiliated Xiang sighed: “After that, a lot of things happened to Leap!” “What did Paripesa say? She is the Nine-colored Lotus Emperor. After reshaping her physical body, she can’t fight back the enemy?” Yu Zilian was a little puzzled. “She is not at her peak now, not to mention that she has many enemies!” Chen Xiang said, “Now… maybe there is a stronger guy!” “What stronger guy?” Yan Zilian asked: “No Is it the strongest of the five forces? What else can be stronger?” “Sister Zilian, do you know the four great sages?” Chen Xiang asked. “Is the enemy one of the Four Great Sages?” Yu Zilian asked hastily. “It might be the Yitian sage!” Chen Xiang said: “That guy, maybe he will come!” “If EndorphinaSurebet247 is really the Yitian sage, then I… remember that the live betting sage said something before.” Lian said: “He said that in Zhongsheng State, there is a guy who leads a group of powerful ancient demon prisoners! He also said that that guy is an old acquaintance of his livescore!” “What? Yitian Shengxian is the leader of a group of ancient demon prisoners ?” The corners of Chen Xiang’s eyes twitched wildly, and he said, “Sister Zilian, are you sure you will create a new one?”

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