Read the full text Yan Zilian attaches great importance to the Divine Medicine Treasure City, and hopes that Chen Xiang can wait for her in the Divine Medicine Treasure City, but she didn’t say the specific reason. “Sister Zilian, I will definitely keep the la liga magic medicine treasure city, and wait for your Slot Games to come over!” Chen Xiang’s affiliate thinks that because there is the Tianmu Holy Palace here, so Zilian wants to come and have a look. Today’s Tianmu Holy Palace can be regarded as Yan Zilian, after all, she used to be the Nine-colored Lotus Emperor, and she doesn’t want to see Tianmu Holy Palace decline like this. After the communication with Yan Zilian was over, Chen Xiang began to seriously refine the nine-color lotus. He is now starting to practice according to what Yan Zilian said in the premier league, and try to cooperate with Tianmu Wanshi Jue. He is also very much looking forward to the next changes of Nine Colors Lotus. Yan Zilian and Xinrou, both wearing purple armor, are now shuttled at the edge of a forest in a baccarat. The trees in the forest were all dyed black, full of poisonous gas, and emitted a strong and foul-smelling poisonous gas. The forest seemed to have been burned by a fire. Yan Zilian and Xinrou just came out of this forest, and their armors were a little damaged! “Sister, what’s inside that nine-colored lotus flower?” Xinrou was very curious about it, and said, “You seem to be hiding it, and you don’t want to tell brother Shen, do you?” “I won’t harm Chen Xiang.” Yes, if he can really revive the nine-colored lotus, it will definitely help him a lot.” Yu Zilian took Xinrou’s hand and started running, and her NetEnts continued on their way to Dongxuanzhou . “Sister, if the Jiucai Lotus wakes up this time, even I’m not sure who the soul will be inside!” Yan Zilian said with a complicated expression. “Ah? Why did my sister say that!” Xinrou

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