Before reading the full text, sister Xiaojing guessed that the flower dew secreted by the precious medicine is similar to Slot Games betting in the way of refining medicine. And the fruits of the chaos medicine Slot Games seem to be produced through alchemy! However, why does Chaos Nine Leaf Blue have no fruit casino Slot? It just secretes flower dew! Chen Xiang immediately discussed this affiliate issue with sister Xiao Jing. “Brother, Jiuyelan is not a very good la liga medicine! It ranks very low… This shows that Jiuyelan should be equivalent to a person with poor qualifications, who is not very good in all aspects.” Sister Xiaojing said: ” Maybe…you can pass on the method of alchemy to Jiuyelan!” “Yes!” Chen Xiang’s eyes suddenly lit up. The previous Tianming Ganoderma could absorb the Tianyuan Jingdan to practice because of Chen Xiang’s teaching of exercises. “Let’s go, go pick the fruit!” Shen Betking Xiang rode a flying ant, happily flying baccarat over. You know, many people are watching with telescopic equipment now, and they all saw a young man riding a black wood flying ant to pick the chaotic dragon fruit! Chaos dragon fruit is golden in color, 22Bet releases a very strong golden awn, and the fruit seems to be wrapped in scales. A total of five knots were made, and the positions were all far apart. After Chen Xiang picked one, he had to fly a certain distance before he could pick another one. When he took off the fourth one, there was a loud noise in the distant sky! Chen Xiang immediately looked over, and was immediately astonished, a hole was blown out of the barrier of the Divine Medicine Treasure City! Someone broke through the barrier and rushed in! Not too many people came in, there were a dozen in total, and they could all fly in the air! After breaking the barrier, they use the fastest

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