Wu Mou has been looking for all kinds of alchemists for many years, and has been trying to understand the knowledge of alchemy, so although he doesn’t understand alchemy, he knows how terrible it is to be an alchemist who can make the precious medicine premier league into alchemy ! Looking at Chen Xiang’s handsome young face, Wu Mou suddenly thought of a possibility! He thought Chen Xiang was an old man! Just use Dan to rejuvenate myself! Chen Xiang killed the group of people from the Supreme Nine Palaces with bare hands before, Wu Mou still remembers it clearly, it also caused a great shock to his heart! “Thank you, Mr. Shen!” Wu Mou didn’t dare to continue thinking wildly, he was now sure that the young man in front of him was just a young baccarat on the outside. “You’re welcome Endorphina!” Chen Xiang waved his hand and said with a smile: “By the way, Old Wu, you have to remember to help me find someone who has the precious medicine. It’s best to let them come here to meet me!” I attach great importance to this matter, I have found a person, he is in the city, tomorrow I will invite him to the champions league to meet Mr. Shen!” Wu Mou said, also took out a bet game bag and handed it to Shen Xiang said: “This is the alchemy reward for Mr. Shen… It is the Tianyuan crystal beads that I have accumulated for many years! If Mr. Shen thinks it is too little, I will definitely make up for it when I have more!” Chen Xiang looked at the storage There are quite a lot of Tianyuan crystal beads in the bag. Wu Mou is not short of Tianyuanjing, he is only short of lifespan now, as long as he lives long enough, his cultivation can be improved. This time Chen Xiang used Wu Mou’s small piece of Destiny Ganoderma lucidum to obtain a complete treasure medicine, he made a lot of money. “Enough is enough!” Chen Xiang said with a smile: “Old Wu, you won’t be heartbroken after giving me so many Sky Source Crystals?” Chen Xiang also accepted it,

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