Li Minqing was also looking forward to the effect of this pill, she ate it right away, and then savored it carefully, to feel the effect of this pill. It didn’t take long before she felt a very pure soul energy rushing in, and she immediately performed the exercises to activate that soul energy. The soul energy is a bit irritable, and it cannot be absorbed by the soul for the time being. She has made this soul energy circulate in the body several times through exercises. In this way, this kind of soul energy that suddenly entered her body will gradually become docile, and there is no longer any rejection, and then she can introduce it into the soul. Li Minqing just stood there, although this soul energy would not bring her a significant improvement in terms of her current cultivation. However, if this soul energy is given to people with low cultivation bases, it can be greatly improved! After a while, Li Minqing exclaimed: “The effect of this pill is very good! It is very suitable for those who encounter bottlenecks or those who are not enlightened enough to eat!” “How high is the value?” Chen Xiang asked . “The value is extremely high!” Li Minqing shook his head lightly and said: “I can’t estimate it now! After eating this pill, it is equivalent to improving the cultivation of the soul path, which can save a lot of time!” After Li Minqing finished speaking, he closed his eyes , to feel the remaining energy of this pill again. “The greatest value of this pill is not to improve your cultivation! It’s to break through the bottleneck, and even…it can also enhance your understanding!” Li Minqing opened his eyes and continued: “Some people, after reaching the bottleneck, no matter how much they cultivate , can’t make the soul absorb any baccarat energy, making it impossible to break through!” “Do many people have this kind of bottleneck?” Chen Xiang asked:

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