Parimatch felt that Chen Xiang was quite quiet here, and no one would disturb him in the short term. “The Holy Desolation of the Heavenly Mother, Nairabet…why is it called the Holy Desolation of the Heavenly Mother?” Chen Xiang asked Li Minqing before, but she couldn’t tell why. Chen Xiang also asked Grandma Ant in the Mirror of Six Paths, and she didn’t know why she called this place the Heavenly Mother’s Holy Wilderness. He thought it was called this because it was the holy place of the Tianmu Soul Clan, but now it seems that it is not. It is very likely that the Tianmu Soul Clan was born here. When the Tianmu Holy Desolation appeared, the Tianmu Soul Clan might not have been born yet. Chen Xiang began to think about how to cultivate next, he talked with Grandma Ant. Grandma Ant said man city, where BetWinner also has Tianyuanjing! The main cultivation resource is also Tianyuanjing. Tianyuan crystal has a wide range of uses, after all, it is a source of energy. Grandma Ant also said that the reserves of Tianyuanjing are getting smaller and smaller. In recent years, fewer and fewer Tianyuanjing mines have been discovered, and the quality of the mined Tianyuanjing is getting worse and worse. “Cultivating here mainly depends on luck!” Grandma Ant said: “If you are lucky and your livescore meets some precious medicines, you can improve a lot after eating them.” “Treasure medicines?” They are medicinal materials! You call them precious medicines here!” “Yes, precious medicines are very rare! Of course, even rarer than precious medicines are magic medicines of chaos… that is a rare treasure! I haven’t seen it before!” Grandma Ant sighed: “If I can see it in this life, I will have no regrets in this life!” “Chaos magic medicine? How did this form chelsa?” Chen Xiang suddenly became curious, “Does it need to grow a lot? year sports betting?”

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