Read the full text about the universe heart palace, no one else knows about it now, Chen Xiang thinks that about the existence of the universe heart palace, no one may know at all. There will be a universe heart palace and a universe heart in Aoshi universe, which is very likely to be a special case. For the Six Clans of Destiny and Soul, they still haven’t figured out what happened under the Slot Games Bai Chilong Island. They only think that there is a Tianyuan Crystal Soul Mother or something there. “Xiao Yuanxin, we will definitely meet again!” Chen Xiang was also quite worried about Shen Yuanxin. Because once Shen Yuanxin is exposed, it will definitely become a target. After all, the existence of the Universe Yuanxin has never been known by the Six Fate and Soul Clans. The Six Fate and Soul clans have destroyed many universes, and have been exploring the secrets of each universe, but in the end they only discovered that each universe is similar. But now Aoshi Universe is showing something different, so the Six Destiny and Soul Clans have become very concerned, trying to figure out where Nairabet is different betting. Chen Xiang took out the communication talisman, went to contact Chilong Patriarch, and said: “Patriarch, you can retreat now! Bet the game and return to Chilong Island as quickly as possible!” “Yes!” Chilong Patriarch live betting also immediately issued an order , All retreat. The Red Dragons are all so strong now, but they also feel great pressure in the face of the power erupting from the 1xBet Supreme Altar Slot Games. Chen Xiang knew very well that if it continued, once something broke out from the Paripesa Supreme Altar, the Chilong people would definitely not be able to stop it, and they would only be taken away by a wave in the end! “The inside and outside of Shengxuan Xing are not peaceful!” Chen Xiang looked at the pitch-black deep space, although he knew that the environment outside was very complicated, but the sudden appearance of Shengxuan Xing now made him unable to let it go. six gods

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