Fiction: ,,,,,,,,, Chilong Patriarch’s smile is very bright LiveScore, he really thinks that Chen Xiang is going to show them off. Chen Xiang asked him to choose ten outstanding young Endorphina young men, and then asked him to catch a few live rabbits, isn’t this just for the purpose of sharing cooking skills for Roulette? “Patriarch, I want those rabbits to be of great use!” Chen Xiang said: “It’s not for eating!” “Aside from being used for live betting, what use can those little rabbits be used for?” Chilong patriarch was very curious, After all, the rabbit is too weak. “Just wait and see!” Chen Xiang said, “I don’t know if I can succeed yet!” By the way, Dragon Lord, there are more and more monsters outside! And they are all very strong, we can’t beat them at all! Look at 1xBet, we Red Dragon Clan will be trapped on this island for the rest of our lives. “Chilong Patriarch couldn’t help but lamented. At this moment, there were waves of beast roars coming from outside, all of which were the roars of those giant monsters outside Chilong Island.” I asked you to catch those rabbits to deal with those monsters outside . “Chen Xiang laughed. “Ah?” “The Chilong Patriarch was stunned for a moment, and then he thought about it for a while. He couldn’t understand how Chen Xiang would use the rabbit to deal with the giant monsters outside.” Dragon Lord, are you planning to poison the rabbit? , and then make the rabbit delicious, and then throw it to those monsters to eat, is that right? “The Chilong Patriarch thinks that this method is still feasible, as long as the toxicity is strong enough. Chen Xiang smiled and said nothing. Those young people also caught rabbits at this time, and each of them held a rabbit in their hands. Fat and big rabbits, there are white, gray, black, and even blue, there are many varieties. These ten years

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