The text is long in the darkness of Betway. Marvin’s consciousness was sometimes blurred and sometimes clear. He could feel that his body was being attacked by the curse. The mist of his soul drifted erratically, as if he wanted to break free from the shackles of his body and leave this world. “That’s it… died?” Marvin was not reconciled. Pain flooded in like a tide, and a stronger pulling force tried to draw his soul away from his body! That is a call from Hades! Marvin’s body was indeed on the verge of death. His soul gradually floated up into the air, and he looked at the woman who fell on the ground with unwilling eyes. Clap clap! The clothes on Marvin’s body burst automatically, and a black spot spread from his heart. Then came a series of extremely slender black lines, spreading out. Curse of the Black Death! “Did he fail to pass this round of judgment…” Marvin’s soul secretly sighed. The ice-cold enveloped him, and his consciousness gradually blurred. However, at this moment, he unexpectedly heard a voice. “Woof!” Cerberus. Marvin opened his eyes in astonishment, only to see betting Cerberus looking at him anxiously. He can see himself! Cerberus has the ability to see the soul of flashscore through live betting. He could feel Marvin dying. Being killed by a curse is a gradual process, even if it is an instant death curse. Marvin just felt light all over, and this feeling was extremely uncomfortable. He feels very tired. After traveling to this world, he has been busy. Didn’t get a good rest at all. Maybe it’s time to rest. I have done so much for this world. It’s time to rest, too. His eyelids gradually closed, feeling sleepy.

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