Read the full text Sister Xiaojing is tired of playing, and now she also wants to see what kind of power her modified altar will have, so she also agrees to throw the altar out. If she needs an altar, she can grab it with Chen Xiang. There are many altars in the Nightmare Fire King camp, big and small. Yan Zilian didn’t know what Chen Xiang was going to do, just when she was about to ask, she saw an altar suddenly appearing in front of her! Compared with humans, this altar is huge, but in the Dire universe, it can only be regarded as a very low-level altar. However, this altar was pushed out by the Divine Mirror of Six Paths with great force, and when it hit the barrier, it erupted with a big shock! “It works!” Chen Xiang smiled and said, “I just don’t know if anyone will show up!” To Chen Xiang’s surprise, the reaction of the nine enchantment BetWinner was not small, and the nine huge square pillars all shone. , even that layer of enchantment showed a pale golden brilliance. Chen Xiang believed that the Spinmatic Department in that small altar had the power of Xiaojing Pragmatic Play’s sister, and Xiaojing’s sister was the soul of life! It is very likely that the champions league is the power of the six life souls, which has aroused the vigilance of the nine altars! Perhaps the power of the Six Paths Soul is not strong yet, but the Nine Altars themselves sensed the threat, so there was such a big movement. Yan Zilian was also incredulous. In her opinion, the force with which the small altar crashed should be far inferior to the purple energy group she condensed just now. The commotion caused soon produced an effect on livescore, and as expected, dozens of people flew out from the nine altars in the middle! The clothes of those people were also very strange. On the top of the golden armor, there were golden beads stuck to it.

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