Fiction: ,,,,,,,,, Linglong’s mother-in-law told Chen Xiang before that there is a palace of life and soul, and BetWinner will take action soon. Sure enough, they really took action, and they even got involved with BGaming! Behind the Sacred Gate of the Six Paths are the Six Clans of Destiny and Soul! Although the six Spinmatic Dao mirrors were once abandoned by the Six Soul Clans for a while, they seem to have reconnected with the Six Soul Clans now! Chen Xiang guessed that the Sacred Gate of the Six Paths and the Hall of Fate and Soul could not absorb the energy of the Sky Source Crystal yet, so they all needed the Dzi Bead. Chilong Island has a large number of dzi beads, and why there are so many dzi beads, this is why the man city of Chilong Island is so precious. Although the Red Dragon Clan can’t beat the Six Paths Sacred Gates, they can still hide. They are hiding well now. The Nightmare people who were originally on Chilong Island have already left, and the shuttles flying out of the sinkhole will not land on Chilong Island. So Chilong Island is now empty, and the Hall of Fate and Soul also knows the existence of the Chilong Clan, but in their view, the Chilong Clan has nothing to worry about. Both Paripesa of the Six Paths Sacred Gate and the Hall of Fate and Soul learned from the Nightmare people that there is a Red Dragon God Lord, but they all dismissed it. Bet9ja used Chiron Island’s energy to block the space gate, which made the Nightmare people compromise. But there is nothing to threaten them in the Palace of Life and Soul, and their strength is so strong, there is no need to be afraid of the Chilong God Lord. In addition, the Sacred Gate of the Six Paths learned that the Azure Dragon Demon Slayer Knife and the Suzaku Tender Silk had appeared here, so they also want to occupy this place, and then slowly search for these two magic weapons. The High Level of the Six Paths

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