Chen Xiang now knows why Yan Qing recommended him to Leiyue Altar. This Mozzartbet can accommodate people from other universes and treat them equally, which is indeed very inclusive. “By the way, how is your altar master? Are you easy to talk to?” Chen Xiang smiled and said, “Before your altar master comes, let me find out!” “Well…” Liu Bi smiled awkwardly: “Xiao Shen, To tell you the truth, I seldom get in touch with the master of the altar. My livescore doesn’t know much about the master of the altar. In fact, in the altar of the altar, only alchemists with a very high level of alchemy can often contact the master of the champions league! “So it’s the Premier League!” Chen Xiang said: “You altar master, how is your temper?” Chen Xiang was worried that the other party had a bad temper, and it would be difficult to get along with him like this. “The owner of the altar is a woman, and her temper… I don’t know either!” Liu Bi smiled bitterly: “Xiao Shen man city, you don’t need to worry, you are still a child, and you are so good-looking, and you are so good at alchemy , the altar master will definitely take care of you a lot!” “Really? A woman?” Chen Xiang’s eyes lit up, if the other party was a woman, he planned to abduct this altar master and take him to the Tianmu Holy Palace. “Yeah, but I’ve never seen what she looks like! You know, this kind of big shot, and she’s a woman, rarely shows up.” Liu Bi shook his head and laughed at himself: “I’m such a little guy, I don’t even know what she looks like.” You are qualified to see someone’s face!” “Is she in the Danyue Altar?” Chen Xiang asked. flashscore “No, she was at the Leiyue Altar before real madrid! Because the main altar owner of the Leiyue Altar is a woman, most of the altar owners of the other subsidiary altars of the Leiyue Altar are Online Casino women. They are all women!” Liu Bi said. “That’s it!” Chen Xiang

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