Read the full text Chen Xiang now also knows how powerful the Six Fate Soul Clans are, because they have obtained many Fate Souls from the universe! Fate souls contain infinite and magical power. If multiple small life souls are fused with each other, it will eventually become terrifying. “The Proud God Stove devours the soul of Nightmare’s life, it should take a lot of time to fully integrate, and now I don’t know what it will become!” Shen rumble Xiang wanted to take out the Proud Stove to see, but NetEnt It can’t now, because the world-defying furnace exudes a breath, which might be sensed by the Nightmare Clan and the Nightmare Beastmen. “BetWinner go to Red Dragon Island first!” Chen Xiang took out the messenger talisman and contacted Shen Zhenyi and the others. “Xueying, are you in Leap Red Spinmatic Dragon Island?” Chen Xiang asked. “No, we left Shengxuanxing!” Shen Zhenyi said: “I want to take Xueying to find my sister!” “Going to Tianmu Holy Palace?” Chen Xiang hurriedly asked: “Did something happen to Tianmu Holy Palace?” “It’s about the Celestial Clan Mother! Xueying said that she has a way to restore the Celestial Clan Mother to consciousness!” Shen Zhenyi said: “The Celestial Clan Mother must know a lot of things, and we also need the Celestial Clan Mother to lead us to find When we get to Tianmu Holy Desolation, the poker Tianmu soul inside is very important to us!” “Then you have to be more careful! Maybe the Six Paths Holy Gate has already set their sights on Tianmu Holy Palace!” Chen Xiang said: “I will rush there as soon as possible ! live betting” “You have to be more careful!” Shen Zhenyi said. If it was before, Shen Zhenyi was more worried about Chen Xiang alone, but now she already knows that Chen Xiang’s ability is far beyond her cognition. Xueying didn’t tell Shen Zhenyi too much about Chen Xiang. There are also many things to do on the Betting side of Tianmu Holy Palace

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