Chen Xiang is extremely confident in his ability to hide his aura, Fu Yuya will definitely not be able to recognize him through his aura. In addition, there was a mask covering his face, and Fu Yuya didn’t have the ability to see through her eyes, so she couldn’t see his handsome face at all. “Could it be that girl Zhenyi leaked her breath?” Chen Xiang pulled Shen Zhenyi’s hand from the Evolution game, and said via voice transmission: “Did she recognize you?” “Who is this person? I seem to have seen him before.” Yes, but I don’t remember much!” Shen Zhenyi also felt strange. Chen Xiang was baccarat a little speechless, not long ago she was in the same camp as Fu Yuya in BGamingPragmatic play, it hasn’t been long since 1xBet, don’t remember her? But this is not surprising, Shen Zhenyi is very defiant, even now. After Shen Zhenyi was adopted as a female slave by Chen Xiang, she looked like a maidservant in front of her master, but she was still a high-ranking saintess to other people with low cultivation. For example, Fu Yuya and Ke Qiutong who walked over in front of them have never been taken seriously by Shen Zhenyi! People in the lobby on the tenth floor also looked at Fu Yuya and Ke Qiutong as they walked over. They also wanted to know what the two cold and arrogant beauties, chelsa, were doing when they walked over. Fu Yuya came in front of Chen Xiang, but she didn’t approach, she deliberately kept her distance. “Why are you wearing a mask?” Fu Yuya asked Chen Xiang coldly. Chen Xiang didn’t answer Fu Yuya, he didn’t bother to talk to this woman, as long as he wasn’t recognized, he didn’t want to care about anything. He pulled Shen Zhenyi and walked towards a counter. The main purpose of his coming here was to sell the Holy King Yuan Pill. However, Fu Yuya stretched out his hand to stop Chen Xiang, and shouted: “Stop!” Chen Xiang didn’t know what Fu Yuya was saying.

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