Theme Mode: Restore Default Author: Ji Xiao Thief Update Time: 20120400:36 “Sister Xueyi Betway, protect Mr. Shen. Zhutian Temple and Wutianshen Palace have two peak saint kings. If they fight, there will be no movement It’s still a big bet, and it will hurt him.” Tianmu Palace Master said anxiously to Long Xueyi. Long Xueyi didn’t say much, grabbed Chen Xiang and flew high into the sky. When she was flying up, there were also two very huge groups of energy in the distance, rushing into the air, chasing Long Xueyi and the others. After Long Xueyi found out, she immediately roared loudly towards the bottom, only to hear two superimposed sound waves of Long Xiao, rushing down like thunder, and scattered the two groups of energy. Chen Xiang discovered that this was somewhat similar to the Azure Dragon’s Roar, so it could be seen that she also studied BetWinner’s Azure Dragon Divine Art, and then improved and developed it to be suitable for her own use. At high altitudes, they are temporarily safe, because it is difficult for people underground to detect them, and even if detected, it is difficult to attack them, because they are still very flexible in the air. Chen Xiang took out the Six Paths Mirror, and then chelsa became bigger. “This thing can actually fly in the sanctuary?” Long Xueyi also felt incredible, of course she recognized that it was the Magic Mirror of Six Paths. Xue Xian, B Gaming Xian and the others had told her before that Chen Xiang had the Magic Mirror of Six Paths in his hand, and she also knew that the Magic Mirror of Six Paths was very strong. But she is not particularly familiar with the Divine Mirror of Six Paths, but is very familiar with the Qinglong Demon Slaying Knife, because she has used it before. “Of course it can fly, this thing is amazing!” Chen Xiang said. Then, Chen Xiang asked Xiao Jing’s younger sister to lock on the Heavenly Mother Palace Master below, and asked her to check the aura of this mysterious Palace Master, whether he knew him or not. Long Xueyi lying on her stomach

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