Author: Silent Little Thief:,,,,,,,,,, the fastest update! Although Chen Xiang still doesn’t know what’s under the sea of ​​waves, his current layout is to prevent the Temple of All Heavens and Wutian Temple from obtaining important things under the sea of ​​waves. Zhutian Temple and Wutianshen Palace both want to compete for Shengxuanxing. As long as they control Shengxuanxing and Dakunmen, their strength will rise to a higher level and they will be able to overwhelm each other. Therefore, Chen Xiang had to make plans in secret, and absolutely must not let Da Kun Sect fall into the hands of Zhutian Temple or Wutianshen Palace. The Specter Soul has now successfully gained the trust of the Divine Horned Beast Clan, and he can fully grasp the whereabouts of the Divine Horned Beast Army. Among the Divine Horned Beast Clan, only a few high-level people know that there is a white tiger haunting the Holy Xuanxing. For such an important matter, they will not tell the Temple of Heaven! Next, Chen Xiang and Bai Zhenzhen only need to wait for the army of one million divine horned beasts to set up camp, and then they can start to act. After Chen Xiang and Bai Zhenzhen left BGaming in Huatianjiudi Mountain Villa, they did not return to Canglan Sea City, but went to the Sportybet Great Desert in Canglan State. That place is very desolate and sparsely populated, and it is the best place for sacrifices. Chen Xiang has a lot of dzi beads, so he can use the magic mirror of six affiliates to his heart’s content without caring about the consumption of dzi beads. The magic mirror of six paths needs to consume a lot of dzi beads to fly, because it can obtain very fast speed. Only two hours into the Premier League, Chen Xiang and Bai Zhenzhen arrived at the Canglan Desert! It is dusk now! “Zhenzhen, will there be a lot of commotion when summoning the White Tiger Forebet Divine Soldier?” Chen Xiang asked. He had had concerns about this before, so he chose this

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