After being reminded by Chen Xiang, Du Hai immediately realized that the ancestor of Dakunmen Casino Slot was not a good thing. Dakunmen could not collude with Zhutiandian and Wutianshengong in the first place, they could cooperate with Betting, but the ancestor of Dakunmen actually helped the king of God Realm in Zhutiandian! It is very likely that the sports betting is still the Zijin Yuling disciple of Roulette against Parimatch Shengdan Academy. If this matter can be confirmed, this ancestor is equivalent to betraying Dakunmen! When 22Bet first established Dakunmen, besides Kunmin, there were several other ancestors. Kunmin seldom meddles in the affairs of Dakunmen, and Kunmin has no descendants and a Betking family. The other ancestors all had families with many descendants, and their descendants and families secretly controlled the entire Dakun Sect, but they were not united and formed multiple factions. “Xiao Shen, don’t worry! That guy is only strong in soul, his body is not very powerful. He probably hasn’t adapted to that clone yet.” BGaming Du Hai told Chen Xiang through the communication talisman. “Grandpa Du, you must be careful about that guy. Although his body is not strong, his soul is not weak.” Chen Xiang had already come outside the small building at this moment, and no one in the house had noticed Chen Xiang. After approaching, Chen Xiang was even more sure that it was the King of Wild Beasts. His soul was indeed powerful, and his body was also at the Saint King level. The avatar of the Mad Beast Dharma King is at the Saint King Realm, so with Chen Xiang’s strength, he can’t beat him at all. Even if he uses the Six Paths Mirror and the Azure Dragon Demon Slaying Knife, he is still no match for the Mad Beast Dharma King. However, he can use the Divine Mirror of Six Paths to defend to a certain extent, and can escape the pursuit of the King of Wild Beasts. Chen Xiang is not afraid of the King of Wild Beasts at all now, because

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