Theme mode: Restore default Author: Ji Xiaozei Update time: 20102423:44 Regarding the comments on alchemy, only alchemists have the right to speak, so laymen dare not say anything about Paripesa. But they could all see that the Wutian Pill Academy seemed to be winning. Although Chen Xiang’s refining method is the same as that of the former Saint Alchemy Academy disciple who lost, it only looks the same. On the opposite side of Wutian Danyuan, the medicine powder is put in first. The Spinmatic reaction between the medicine powder and the flame is very intense, so it can produce a very strong medicine gas. Then put the medicinal liquid into it. At this time, after the medicinal liquid is vaporized, it can be directly integrated into the highly reactive medicinal gas. Chen Xiang’s refining method of putting in the medicinal liquid first is mainly for stability. The medicine liquid enters the alchemy furnace, which can suppress the flame in the alchemy furnace to a certain extent and lower the temperature of the alchemy furnace. However, even if Chen Xiang puts in the liquid medicine first, it can still make the pill furnace violent Mozzartbet! For example, after he poured the powder in the back, he increased the flame, which also allowed the flame and the powder to react strongly. Not only that, he can even make the flame and the medicinal liquid collide with each other, producing an extremely intense reaction, which can stimulate a more intense medicinal gas! Chen Xiang mainly used the very clever fire control technique, which was very easy and simple for him to use. However, this is very difficult for many alchemists. Because the flame that can incinerate the holy medicine is inherently very powerful, it must be precisely controlled and retracted freely, which places high demands on all alchemists. If it is not done properly, it will directly fry the furnace . Chen Xiang’s fire control is already handy, it’s very easy for him. Of course, in order not to

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