Text text The latest station name: Mubi Pavilion These old men are also old after all, so they are relatively restrained. Although it seems that they are going to fight at any time, they calm down soon. However, they still held the sacred talisman in their hands, as if they would start a war if they disagreed. Chen Xiang was a little depressed. He thought that the assessment process would be relatively easy, but he didn’t expect to encounter so many things, which were completely different from what he had imagined before. “Let’s stop arguing, Young Master Shen is in charge of everything!” A skinny old man looked at Chen Xiang and said, “Young Master Shen, you choose me, don’t think I’m the thinnest one , but I am the richest.” “Young Master Shen, I am the dean of Runewen Academy, they are all just elders, and their status is far inferior to mine! In Parimatch of Runewen Academy, I have the final say on everything.” Wang Tianwen Said. “Fart, the dean is just doing miscellaneous work. You take care of so many things in the Rune Rune Academy all day long, how can you have time to guide people? And after you claimed to be the dean, you started to drift away, and you didn’t concentrate on practicing runes at all.” Another old man said. “Stop talking nonsense, we let Young Master Shen choose! Whoever he chooses, then betting is about who he has eyes with.” A fat old man said. At this time, the nine old men from Poker and Betting were all watching the Slot Games. Although they didn’t say a word, they secretly sent voice transmissions to Chen Xiang frantically, asking Chen Xiang to choose them, and offered many good conditions. Chen Xiang really has a headache, because no matter which Msports he chooses, it will make the other elders feel very dissatisfied, and they will more or less dislike it in the future. “Young Master Shen, hurry up and make the BetWinner decision! With your talent, you can indeed practice alchemy at the same time. If you worship me as your teacher, I will

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